Honest Places

by Innoko

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Innoko's second release finds the band exploring greater depths on all creative fronts. The captured sounds impart the band's joy to all who hear. Equal parts tropical groove, beach rock, and rhythmic folk, Honest Places is an invitation to embark on a musical adventure.


released January 3, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Innoko.

Andrew Connell- acoustic guitar, classical guitar, banjo, vox
Jon Cohen- electric guitar, pads, backing vox
Chip Keever- bass, backing vox
Alton Haynes- percussion, backing vox
Dan Keever- drums

Mixed by Corin Larraga.



all rights reserved


Innoko Newark, Delaware

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Track Name: Birds Fly
like birds fly together
our lives are tethered
one to another
close as a brother
to me

all we need is here
just breathe this air
run through the meadows
dance till the sun fades
Track Name: Still Glowing
oh the brightest sun i've ever seen
was the one that caused my heart to sing
it lit every spark inside of me
i am still glowing

we dance like children under
star fields of burning white
we hear the claps of thunder
it makes our hearts run wild
hearts run wild
hearts run wild

there are colors i have yet to see
songs that i will someday sing
when all the life inside of me
bursts wide open
Track Name: Honest Places
we were such brave kids
dreaming of honest places
we got more than we bargained for
so much life ready to explore
from the sky to the ocean floor
we have, we have, we have
infinite days with you

ya ha
Track Name: Into The Wild
i've seen this place before
i've felt the waves of your shore
you say that i am your child
the door unfolds into the wild

i love the lay of this land
i am just clay in your hand
your love takes me so high
past all the trees and into the wild
Track Name: Through The Forest
we'd go walking through the forest
all the trees would bow before us
arms of bark would touch the ground
praising all the love we've found

we'd go walking by the ocean
waves are crashing at our side
listen as the birds make sound
praising all the love we've found

don't say it's over
don't say we're through
through sword and fire
we'll be made new
Track Name: Heart Of Love
we'll never fathom, the weight of the plan
like trying to hold the seas in your hand
one day we'll see through the clearest of glass
when the future undoes the past

the heart of love beats for us
the heart of love bleeds for us
stare at the diamond in the rough
until your heart is overcome

the distance between us grows less and less
melting like wax the stone in my chest
with every morning we get a clean slate
and the freedom of love awaits