Endless Age

by Innoko

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With their third release, Innoko dives off the cliffs of their previous albums to explore more profound themes, yet maintains the child-like exuberance that has become their staple sound. The lyrics encourage you to travel through the jungles and caverns of your soul, to ask the elemental questions and unravel your deepest longings. All the while, the distinctly groovy music plunges you into the waters of joy and encourages you to dance freely.

“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” - C.S. Lewis


released February 11, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Innoko.
Andrew Connell - lead vox, guitar, banjo, percussion
Jon Cohen - lead guitar, synths, percussion, backing vox
Chip Keever - bass, backing vox
Dan Keever - drums
Alton Haynes - djembe, harmonies

And thanks to all the friends (and spouses) who joined in for group vocals!

Mixed by Andrew Connell, Jon Cohen, & Chip Keever.
Mastered by MasteringBox.



all rights reserved


Innoko Newark, Delaware

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Track Name: Get To Know You
roamed the whole earth
but i can't find
brighter fervor
than the sun's light
who is this who
made the night sky
tells the moon to
raise a low tide
you're the one
my heart is close to
can't believe i
get to know you

even though my hands are red as clay
snow has fallen on my darkest ways
everything i lost has been replaced
filled me with a love i can't explain

heaven knows how
far you reached out,
set me on the
highest peak now
plant my feet right
on the good way
newest mercies
coming each day
you're the one
my heart is close to
can't believe i
get to know you
Track Name: Islands Woven
we are islands woven
underneath our shores
we are rivers running
into your endless waters
we are mountains anchored
on stone both strong and sure
and in our maker's eyes we
find what we're searching for

we are branches reaching
into your open sky
we are currents roaming
across these endless waters
we are roots still growing
deep in this homemade clay
and in our maker's eyes we
find what we're searching for

we are traveling on
Track Name: Fernweh
beneath the window pane
i used to carve my name
hold my father's knife
catch a watchful eye

this is the home where i was born and raised
where i learned to hold your love's embrace
there's a beauty in a child's faith
knowing that one day i'll be home

when the storms would roar
i used to run indoors
climb upon your knee
find my heart's relief

oh in time
oh my eyes
will have sight

when i am dust and only bones remain
i'll be living where the sun don't fade
running free within your endless age
i will finally be at home
Track Name: Dandelion
when i look at you
everything's in bloom
golden rays of sun
you're my only one

i was watching
you from far out
in fields of flowers
your heart stands out
you were always running through my mind

days went by
i barely saw you
you took flight
and soared beyond
but i would wait to wake my love for you

when i look at you
everything's in bloom
golden rays of sun
you're my only one

we grew close
and quit our searching
like rivers flowing
towards the ocean
when the world was young we heard your voice

we jumped in and joined the flood
waves of joy came crashing over us
Track Name: The Great Divide
this life we lead is just a pilgrimage
walk close, run far from every open ledge
and i feel my breath
and ponder all the life i've led

this love that grows within this heart of mine
springs up, flows forth from you my source of life
and i close my eyes
and marvel at the truth inside

this air i breathe reminds my soul anew
the dust i was is now alive in you
and it melts my bones
and i long for my eternal home

you lead me across the great divide
some day i'll see the other side
you lead me across the great divide
Track Name: Wisdom
you say you've got it all figured out
no one can touch you now
that you've grown old, but even fires
they can grow cold

take heed my son
and listen to my words
follow wisdom where she leads you
and don’t lean on yours

my mouth is a cave
but your words are a spring
life floods through my veins
when I draw deep and drink
Track Name: Searching
i know i'm unclean
but my hope's in things i can't see
my mistakes somehow
are washed away in love now

i flew like a desert wind
hid from the places i'd been
your voice got a hold of me
it burned like a fire inside of me
i stood on the holy ground
i found my purpose here now

though darkness surrounds
i know that you're my way out
this pillar of light
will be my compass and guide

i've felt your strong hand
reach through like water in sand
can't rest or slow down
i'm thirsty like the deer now
Track Name: Dreamer
when i was young i used to dream
stay up late playing make believe
watch the night sky and pretend
that i was going to become a man
who could dream

now the years are overhead
and i've been moving with the breeze
don't let my heart forget
i was made to be living free
within the dream
Track Name: Bright Walks
i run through woods that crown the upland
where your mingled splendors glow
i stand where the trees look down
on these green fields seated far below
my steps are not alone on these bright walks, on these bright walks
i dance like a river flows from the high point
in your ever-everlasting light

all my days
searching for a fountain
where the love is found in
you tell me
hidden in a field
is the only thing that's real
all else fades
all but the treasure
this will last forever
Track Name: Sun Trail
i've been on a sun trail
searching for the day
i'm riding out to find her
want to hear you say

she's dancing on the water
running through the day
fostering the spring-tide
want to hear you say

we're hiding in the cattails
breathing in the rays
listening to birdsongs
pouring out your praise
Track Name: Canyons
on my journey
there are canyons i can't cross
without you
i feel i'm straying from your love

under moonlight
the shadows call my name
but you guide me
and your fire lights my way

so let me run
with strong desire
to where my soul
is free from death
and as i climb
higher and higher
the sun draws nearer with every step

on my journey
there are canyons i have crossed
for you are with me
and my heart beats with your love
Track Name: You Know
you know
all the love i have for you
it goes
further than sun and moon
it goes
deeper than the oceans too
you know
all the love i have for you